The Best Day Ever


Today was the best day ever.

I took the Little Man to the beach with my dad, sister and brother. He was cranky for most of the ride there. Squirmed while I walked (dragging our huge bag) across the sand to the water’s edge. Fussed when I prevented him from putting the sand in his mouth while I set up the tent and towels. Then smiled when his feet touched the sand. Gasped when his toes touches the water. Watched (very seriously) at the waves rolling in and out. Sucked in his breath as the water rushed past his legs, then smiled and squealed in excitement. He watched and wondered at the squawking seagulls waiting nearby the tent for a scrap of food.  Then forgot all about it when I gave him a couple of toys, and away he went chewing them up and working on cutting his top two teeth.

Each day I watch this little baby grow into a little person. Its such a simple thing, growing up. Yet its so incredibly precious that I’m afraid I’ll miss something if I’m not mindful. Its going so fast. He’s already 6 months old and I feel like its been a week (a very long and sleepless week).

I’m in awe of the pure happiness, wonder and amazement the world brings him. It’s as if I’m able to re-discover it all with him, through the eyes of innocence, and for that reason alone, today way the best day ever…. until tomorrow.

I’m one lucky mommy.



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