HOT Mama! Top 5 Places To Go to Beat this Heatwave!

Its a million degrees outside… for the 5th day in a row.   According to my baby monitor, its 85% INSIDE my apartment.  And because I live in  coastal adjacent community, there’s no air conditioning. My options for surviving the day consist of stripping me and the Little Man in to the least amount of clothing and sit in the living room, all fans pointed at us full blast. Or, we could leave the house. My car has air conditioning, so we’re leaving the house.

Here are my Top Places to go to Beat the Heat:

1) Target


It’s Air Conditioned. It’s close. You don’t need a reservation.  It has a cafe (some even have Starbucks AND Pizza Hut)…  And you probably needed to go there anyway. I like to grab my Icee and overrated Popcorn at the cafe and dig in for a couple of hours meandering through the lanes. If you can resist the temptation to buy crap in the Dollar Stop or on the clearance end caps, you can get out there for cheap (don’t blame me if you walk with one bag of crap and $100 less in your pocket). The best places for wasting time?  Start in the book section, then head to the toy section and baby section, I enjoy playing peek-a-boo in the towel department,  AND they have Halloween stuff out right now, adding at least a 1/2 hour of entertainment by trying on these headpieces.

flame head

2) Local Library


Again, its  got air conditioning and hours of free entertainment – and free wi-fi.  If you check your local Library’s calendar of events, they even have activities for your little. For example, the Torrance Library has Toddler Time on Mondays at 11am.

3) Barnes & Nobles

barns & noble

Don’t have (or like) your local Library? Head to the mall or local bookstore. I’ve been frequenting Barns & Noble. There’s one at Del Amo Mall and Manhattan Beach. They both have great, kid friendly children sections. Oh, and they also have a cafe. Don’t be pressured in to buying anything (but they have a great Bargain section). They also have special events throughout the month, so check them out (I stumbled across a Frozen Party one weekend and never saw so many Elsas and Annas in my life!). The next one is Curious George Day on September 20th.

4) Beach, Pool, Any Body of Water will do!


Get me a large shade structure (tent, tree, patio) and some water (pool, ocean, blow up kiddie pool)… and  I’m a happy camper. If I have the energy to pack up gear, I head to the beach. If I’m able to, I suggest pool play dates (I don’t have a pool, but am happy to travel where there is one!) and if I don’t feel like leaving the house, I blow up the kiddie pool and hit the grass. When I’m desperate, I fill up the bathtub and Little Man splashes away (I threw Bruiser in there afterward to cool off too).

5) Day At the Museum


Living in LA, there are tons of (air conditioned) museums all around. I don’t have a favorite yet, I’m sure it will soon become the Natural History Museum once I go to the Dinosaur Encounter  program (open on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays). But there are LOTS of others out there. I signed the Little Man up for the NextGen Program at LACMA which includes free admission for him until he’s 17 (and includes a free adult ticket when we go) – oh, and the program is FREE to sign up. They also have Free Story Time on Fridays and lots of Family programs.

So tell me, what are you favorite places to go to beat the heat?



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