Monday Mash Up!

I’m starting a new series: the Monday Mash Up! Its dedicated to all things related to baby food making (recipes, tips, hacks, experiences and anything else I can think of!)

Today, I’m starting with the basics…. Apples!


Making baby food is so dang easy! I’m not a cook. At. All. But I can puree up baby food like nobody’s business!  This weekend I made Applesauce.  It’s super easy and Little Man loves it on its own or mixed in with other foods, like bananas, strawberries, spinach, carrots, chicken, etc… It really works in many combinations and does a great job of sweetening up come veggies or proteins. I also warm it and add it to his oatmeal.

To get started:

  • Cut and core apples (be sure to wash them well, as apples are considered one of the dirty dozen). I used 6 small Fuji apples for this batch.
  • Once their cut, add them to a baking dish and fill it with water until the water covers the apples.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and pop the dish in for 30-45 minutes (depending on the size of the apples). If you want to add some cinnamon, go for it. Little Man hasn’t had spices yet, so these ones are plain.


  • Once you’ve baked the apples, peel the skins off and toss them into your food processor or blender (I use a magic bullet).
  • Now add in a little water left over from baking to dilute the apples to your desired consistency and blend away!  Don’t forget to taste test it (I also have Little Man test it out).
  • Put finished product in a container and Voila! That’s it! Serve immediately, refrigerate it for the next 2 days or stick it in the freezer.

DSC_0171  DSC_0176

6 Small Apples = Approx. 24oz of Applesauce. That’s like buying 6 squeeze pouches! This batch cost me $2.40. (Hello, Savings!)



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