Sunday Funday: Oktoberfest!

Join Us!

Oktoberfest! With a baby! Da!

(You can go ahead and quote Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama “You have a baby… In a bar.”) The answer is “heck yesssss” (in a Napoleon Dynamite tone of voice). I’m a mom and I have a baby, but I’m not confined to my kitchen and I am always looking for fun things to do that I like, that the Little Man will also enjoy (or at least not hate).

Nearby is Alpine Village, a German Village and Market in Torrance and they have a long Oktoberfest celebration which includes Family Day on Sundays. Now, that’s a Sunday Funday I don’t want to miss and I knew a few other moms who wouldn’t want to miss it either. So later today, a large group of families from the Beach Moms of the South Bay Meet Up Group are headed to the Bier Tent for some Oom Pa Pa Music, enormous Bavarian pretzels, bratwurst and bottles (of beer or formula).  There may be chants of “Das BOOOOOOOT” or infant cries for “das booooooobs” – either way, it should be a great family fun-filled afternoon. I heard a rumor there are wiener dog races (let’s hope that’s true!)

If you’re local and want to join us, come on down! Here’s the Meet Up Invite.  If you’re coming, just look for the large group of families and lots of little ones in their custom Onesies! (Now you know why I’ve been making all these adorable Oktoberfest Onesies!)

Not in the area and love the idea? Find out if your local Oktoberfest celebration has Family Day and organize one!



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