Happy New Year!

Its a New Year, YAY! Little Man and I were both sick between Christmas and New Years, so this post is a little late (is the baby’s first cold considered a milestone? If not, surviving it should be!) Anyhow, we’re both almost over this cold and 2015 is here! I’m excited! Its a whole year of more Firsts for me and the Little Man! But just like all the other New Years of the past, I’ve make a long list of Resolutions, and they look a little different from Resolutions of years gone by (funny how having a baby changes even this list!). I have 30 in total. I know it seems like a lot, but I figure the more I have, the more likely I’ll achieve some of them! Here’s a sampling.

#1: Lose the Baby Weight (duh)

#3: DeClutter. Specifically, go through the bins of baby clothes I can’t part with and decide if I really need to keep them. I have NO idea if having another child is in the cards for me (see resolution #18). I could save them to give to my brothers or sister, but they are years off from starting a family. Do baby clothes go out of style? Probably. I know I’m hoarding them because Little Man wore them, and I can’t believe he was ever that small, and every time I look at an outfit I remember what we did or where we were when he wore it. Its all sentimental and my hormones are still regulating.  But, seriously, I need to take a closer look at them and probably start by eliminating at least 25% of them (same goes for my own closet).

#9: Cook Better. I have never spent much time in the kitchen. Yet, as I’ve been living on a very tight budget this has become a twice daily occurrence (as has watching Rachel Ray for inspiration). And so, I need to learn how to do it better, with the best ingredients; not only for my health goals ( see #1), but also because the Little Man loves food and eats what I cook. They say you influence their lifelong eating habits from the beginning, and so I need to live the lifestyle he deserves. I need to learn to cook better, “cleaner” and “fresher.” You may see more posts on this topic (you’ve been warned). Also, because I’m still scarred by that 80lb 3-Year Old that was on The Maury Povich Show in the early 2000’s.

#11: Live Simply.  I think this one is a goal I’ve thought about for a long time, and never fully understood or appreciated. To me, at this moment, I think its about living a full, present life, without the glitz and glam, without competition or pressure of other people. Its about enjoying the swings at the park instead of wishing I was at Disneyland. It’s being o.k. with my natural ombre hair instead of going to the salon. Its about not feeling like I have to buy ‘that thing’ because I want it in that moment or because so and so has one. Its about balance, sacrifice, attitude and gratitude.  It’s partially about money, and since I have so much less of it these days, perhaps its why I understand it better. I have a lot of stuff that I don’t need, and instead of adding to it, I’m going to focus on the moments that count. Its also about mindset and intent. I’m hoping to be able to clean out my closets of stuff and instead of re-filling them, focus on filling up my camera’s memory cards with moments.

#17: Spend More time with my Grandparents.  There’s nothing like having a child that makes you fully appreciate the fragility of life. At 37, I’m so blessed to have Grandparents that are alive and kicking, live within 2 hours driving distance, and are totally freaking cool. At 88, my grandmother still rocks her black leather jacket and heeled boots. My 85 year old Grandfather still sports a full head of hair in his pompadour, flexing his old navy tattoos, telling old stories about how I showed him how to start his a seated lawn mower at age 3. They have stories for days, and with technology available, I need to record them. Little Man is lucky to have great-grandparents around to spoil him with love, and I want to have those memories for years.

#18: Date. I don’t live in a fairy tale story where Prince Charming comes to find me, so I need to open myself up to meeting someone. As exhausting as dating sounds, and as much as I hate spending time away from the Little Man, I realize I don’t want to be alone forever. I want more kids. I want the suburban fairy tale of a house, a yard, a dishwasher! I want Little Man to have a good male role model. So… off into the dating world I go. I hope they like my natural ombre hairstyle and my stylish yoga pants.

#25: Sleep Train (something not involving CIO). Don’t judge (or do, but know I don’t really care). Little Man and I co-sleep less than a foot away from his crib.  It’s been awesome accident..  in short: at 3 months old there was a heatwave + too hot to swaddle + outgrown bassinet + crib still on layaway = baby sleeping with mommy = easier night feeding = lazy mommy once the crib got here. Now he wakes up almost the instant I lay him down in his crib.  I can’t do the CIO Method (no judgement, its just not for me)  so I’m still looking for the right solution. Most nights I can get him to start the night in his crib, but then when he gets up for a 3am feeding, I just bring him into bed with me. I’m usually too tired for anything else, and honestly I love it. He’s so adorable. Except for the kicking. I hate the kicking. And he wakes me up by picking my nose or biting my arm. So I’ve got to get him to start sleeping through the night in hos own bed and to wait for the cuddly toddler phase for any bed sharing fun.

#28 Say Yes. Adventure is everywhere and the easiest way to have one is to say YES when the opportunity presents itself. This year I am going to say yes to more to invitations and to create opportunities to do awesome (free) things with others. Its really about the little adventures, which are all around us – and they don’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time!

#30: Save some $. (duh)

Happy New Year!  Feel like sharing your resolutions or goals?


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