First Birthday Photo Shoot Fail

Dear Pinterest Moms who pin perfect pictures of your one year old for their birthday… you are liars.

I know it took at least 100 shots to get that perfect picture. It took me 154 pictures to get one of my Little Man.  And one of Little Man and and his Best Bud? Well, that never happened. I have about 150 “outtakes.” Perhaps it was the distraction of all that sand at the beach, or the noise of people nearby enjoying an 80 degree Saturday in January, the props proving too exciting to play with, or the lack of naps on both their part. Most likely it was their annoyance at us for forgetting their bottles in the car (yes, we BOTH forgot their bottles in separate cars). Oh, the naivety that we thought we could get them to cooperate with out idea of a perfect joint birthday party invitation. The final straw? The rising tide and sneaky wave that wiped them out (diapers + sand + waves = no bueno).

It turns out trying to wrangle two 11 month-olds for a coordinated first birthday picture proved too much for my novice photography skills and my little used DSLR, despite the cute banner, coordinated onesies and props. Nope, all we got were the outtakes to hold onto, to embarrass them later (and laugh about now).   Oh they looked cute! Our super cute little disasters. The invitations should be hilarious.

Next time? I’m just going to hire a photographer.

First Birthday  DSC_0010

And yes, the one good shot I got is totally going on my Pinterest page with directions on how to make the props (after I Photoshop the people in the background). See, lies!



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