Birthday Party Planning is Shiploads of Fun!

Ships Ahoy!! I cannot believe Little Man is turning ONE in 2 weeks (sheesh where did the year go!).  To celebrate, we’re having a joint birthday party with his best bud (born 2 days earlier) and we’re going full blown sailor theme, because who doesn’t love a sailor!?

Party planning is well underway and I’ve decided to start documenting it. I’d like to say that I don’t usually go overboard for parties (pun intended), but I do. Always have, always will. Just ask my college roommates – every party had a theme. Every. Single. One. And with the invention of Pinterest, you bet your bottom dollar I’ve been pinning some awesome ideas. Now – I’m trying to capture those ideas and hope that my novice iPhone photo skills does it justice!

If you’re interested to see how it turns out –  check out the First Birthday Party Page! There will be laughs, cries and lots of spilled milk along the way!

Anchors Away!

First Birthday Photo Shoot: Anchors Away


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