Ikea Stool Makeover

DIY Ikea Stool Makeover

I’ve had this simple wood Ikea stool for years. Although my dog used it as a teething toy when he was a puppy (see the chewed up corners), I’ve kept it. Its sturdy, useful, and I’m short so I need it to get to the top shelves in my kitchen. Last weekend I realized it was an eye sore sitting in my kitchen. The unfinished wood was discolored from use and cleaning, the corners chewed up from when Bruiser was a puppy (he’s now 3). So I thought, I should run to Ikea and get a new one, after all they are super cheap: the plain wood finish one is around  $20 and they have a black version for around $30. Then I thought, why buy a new one when a coat (or three) of paint will give it new life.

It cost $6 to refinish! And I didn’t use all the paint for the project, so you bet I’ll be paining something else soon!

For the Project, you’ll need:

  • Wood Stool
  • White acrylic paint:  $0.50
  • Jar of Black Chalk Paint: $5
  • Tape & Paint brush

You could do the whole project for $1 if you use plain black acrylic paint instead of the chalk board paint (available at Walmart for $0.50).  Give each color at least two coats (I did three).

A little paint and an hour of my time gave it new life!


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