All The Single (Mom) Ladies!

Last Saturday was Single Parent Awareness Day. Pretty neat, eh?

I had very intention of writing this post to publish by then, but as any other single parent (or any parent) knows, all the best laid plans in the world don’t mean a thing when life (aka your baby/toddler/child/teen) happens. I seem to be late all the time – despite planning, packing, setting multiple alarms and having extra baby basics in my car, something seems to happen to make me late about 50% of the time.  So with my sincerest apologies out of the way…

HappySingle ParentAwarenessDay

To all the Single (Mom) Ladies Out there – I salute you! As a member of the club, I thought someone should go right out there and say it – we are bad asses.

Parenthood is no joke. Its fun, its terrifying, its hard, its messy, its amazing, its funny and embarrassing and makes you want to pull your hair out, but its the coolest job I’ve ever had. Motherhood is peeing your pants, consider me Miles Davis, kind of cool.

So to all the cool cats out there – you are doing an AWESOME job! You may be single, but you are not alone. I mean, just try to use the bathroom and you’ll be reminded of that fact in about 10 seconds. But in all seriousness, from one single mommy living in chaotic bliss to another, you are amazing, strong and beautiful.

Sending you all a giant virtual bear hug and a glass of vino.


PS – Single Dads, you rock too.



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