Halloween: May The Force Be With You

I knew very early on this year that Halloween would consist of a Star Wars Theme for my little family.  With the upcoming movies and the ever popular characters, I also knew that there would be a lot of people who thought the same. But that didn’t stop me. If fact, it inspired me to make all our costumes and props so we wouldn’t look like the store bought options and hopefully cost a lot less than $30/costume.

I’m pretty pleased with the results (if I’m allowed to toot my own horn). Here’s how I put it together.

#LittleManLuke Skywalker

Little Luke Skywalker

  • White top (Sewn using a pattern for a karate gi)
  • Light tan jeans (Kids Re-Sale store $6)
  • Light tan slip-on shoes (WalMart $4)
  • Brown Belt (GoodWill $3)
  • Light Saber ($1 pool noodle & $1 glow stick from Dollar Store, duct tape)

Hans Solo (aka Mom Solo)

Star Wards Family Costumes

  • White 3/4 sleeve shirt (already had one in my closet)
  • Dark Wash Jeans (already had in my closet)
  • Red cotton ribbon ($3 from JoAnns) lightly sewn down the side of the jeans
  • Black riding boots (already owned them)
  • Black vest (sewn from fabric remnant cut form JoAnns $3)
  • Brown felt for utility belt, Duct tape for Buckle, small piece of velcro to fasten (or you can sew it together)
  • Toy gun ($1 Dollar Store)

And the Millennium Falcon wagon, of course!

Millennium Falcon DIY

  • Sheet of white Cardboard from Costco (Free!)
  • Grey & Black paint (I didn’t have grey paint, so I mixed a few drops of black into white that I already had on hand)
  • Duct Tape ($1 Dollar Store, used also for lights saber and Han Solo Belt buckle))
  • Scissors
  • 2 dowel rods for support ($3 Walmart)
  • Measure to fit your wagon

Warning: it may attract cute members of the Dark Side.

Luke and Darth Vader Costumes for Toddlers

Grand Total for our Costumes & Props: $26



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