Birthday Onesies

Smash Cakes – the best photo opp for any first birthday! Why not dress your little one in the perfect onesie when you capture the moment!

I created this one for a friend’s baby first birthday! I can create one for you too – pick your color combination (2 colors, patters are a possibility also). Birthday onesies come with a matching felt crown, they are they are super cute on!  I can also make bowties and tutus!

AND – it doesn’t have to be just for a 1st birthday – I can make t-shirts too! or Monthly Onesies… they are all custom made to order, so just let me know what you want!

Only $20

DSC_0939 (2)  DSC_0948 (2)

See how much fun is is to be one!


My Little Man is turning one this month (wowziers). We’re having a joint Birthday Party and its going to be “shiploads of fun!”

DSC_0040  IMG_8732 DSC_0048


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