Nom Nom

Baby Food, Toddler Food, Family Friendly Recipes… its not as hard as I thought.

I am not a cook, never have been. I told my mom I was going to make a turkey for Thanksgiving and she look at me like I grew a second head and asked if I was sure. I used to burn everything and basically stopped trying to cook before I even got started. Well, that’s changed. Why? Because I wanted to start controlling what I was eating when I was pregnant so I was eating better for two, and now that the Little Man is eating real food, I wanted to be in control of what he puts in his mouth, because lets face it,  he’ll be able to make his own choices soon enough (and I know veggies lose their appeal once they have a taste for sugar).  So in an effort to get him started on the right track, I’ve been learning to cook and trying new recipes. And (gasp) I’m starting to like it!

I’m sharing my experience and recipes! #nomnomnomnom

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Homemade Teething Biscuits

Sweet Potato Bites

DIY Baby Food Pouches

Homemade Baby Food




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