Some days, I’m crafty. Other days I spend an hour or two on Pinterest and realize I’m not that crafty. But here’s a collection of crafts just about anyone can do. I’m working on a rating system to assess the level of difficulty… its not a perfect science, but let’s just call it a 1-4 scale,: 1 being easy, 4 being hard. A 5 requires power tools and some professional assistance (hence it being off the charts!). 🙂

Craft On! Oh, and if you want to see what else I post or love on Pinterest, click here!

Halloween Cards

Need: Paint, paper, markers and some eyeball stickers.

Difficulty Level: 1 (unless you count how hard it may be to get hand/foot prints from your little one)


Even when you mess up, you can make it cute! Like when I printed one upside down on accident (it became an alien) or when it smudged (Frankenstein wasn’t perfect anyhow). I originally wanted to do spider hand prints, but Little Man is not terribly cooperative with his hands and this one print resulted in a face full of black ink, so I’ll try it again next year.

IMG_0909 IMG_0905 IMG_0910

You can find packets of plain cards at your local craft store. You can get even more crafty by adding the footprints on card stock, then layering it on cute patterned card stock and adding it to the card (scrapbookers – you probably know what I mean). But I couldn’t be bothered to get out all my scrapbooking supplies and was lucky to get Little Man to let me do these (I found it easiest to do them while he’s sitting in his high chair).  I added in a Happy Halloween Message and a picture of Little Man in his costume and Voila! Happy little Halloween Cards!





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