First Birthday Party

Anchors’ Away and Ships Ahoy – Its time to celebrate the Birthday Boy!

Little Man is turning one this month, and the only thing distracting me from how fast the year has gone by is the countdown to the party and all the things I still have to do to get ready!  We’re having a joint birthday bash with Little Man’s best bud, born 2 days before him! Its going to be “shiploads to fun!”

I hope you enjoy all the Pintersting birthday projects and Dollar Store finds!

Happy Birthday Little Love!

Invitation Photo Shoot

First Birthday

Trying to shoot two 11 months olds, at the beach, in the winter (although it was 80 degrees), during their afternoon nap time (because the light was best) whole both of us forgetting their bottles in the car… well lets just say, the outtakes are spectacular.

Party Activities for 1 Year Olds

I’ve been through a fair share of first birthday parties in the past couple of months. They have all been great and the advantage of having experienced them before planning my own Little Man’s Birthday Party is that I can take away the ideas the worked great and make edits to my grandiose plans for what isn’t worth it.

That being said, this page is what I’m planning on bringing to the park to make it as kid friendly as possible. (I’ll be adding more to the page as I complete them – and of course pictures of the finished product from the party).

So far, I’m planning on … Felt board (see below), Ball Pit, Bean Bag Toss, a Stacking station, “Life Saver” Necklace Craft (for mommy to help make), a Bubble Area, and Sailor Hat Station (for mommy to help with).



I know, I know. Its at a park. There’s no need for major decorations. Unfortunately, that’s not how I’m wired. However, we’re keeping it as simple as possible. A few banners, a photo booth (everyone has one these days), some DIY signs, homemade cupcake toppers, chalk board signs, etc.

(check back for pictures for this section)


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