Invitation Photo Shoot

Goal: Perfect photo of the boys at the beach with the coordinated onesies for the invitation.

Result: A series of hilarious pictures, all outtakes.

Lessons Learned:

Bring more noisemakers and incentives to get them to look at the same time… and line everyone up behind the camera, so they are looking in the same direction.


Paint all sides of the prop, so when you get a good picture you can use it.

DSC_0067 DSC_0064

Recruit extra pair of hands for baby wrangling duty (and our boys aren’t even walking yet!)


Bring snacks that wont make a mess (not an arrowroot cookie). Also – bring wipes (what was I thinking!)



Bring towels. The beach includes the ocean… and of course they are going to want to touch the water. Oh, and check for when the tide comes in so your kids don’t get wiped out (#fail).


Or a dust broom to brush the sand of their little bums.


Next time I should just hire a photographer who probably knows all these things already!  But then, I wouldn’t have so many funny pictures to show him later on.

What we used for the photo shoot:

Handmade Coordinated Onesies, Handmade Banner, wicker basket, cute blanket, painted letters and numbers from JoAnns. DIY life preserver (floral ring, felt, sticker letters, painted wood anchor). An older Nikon DSLR operated by little ol me who has never taken a class and a DIY light reflector (tin foil, baking sheet). All things considered, I think it turned out ok!

IMG_8732 DSC_0004

DSC_0072    DSC_0040  DSC_0009


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