Party Activities for 1 Year Olds


Fun With Felt!

Little Man really enjoyed the felt Christmas Tree I made for the holidays, so I thought I’d do something with felt for his party. I originally wanted to make “pin the tale on the whale” – and then realized it was a bit advanced for the kiddos. So instead, I created a sea background and made some fun animals (and characters) for the kids to stick on. As you can tell, I must have heard the commercial for the SpongeBob Movie about a hundred times and so he and Patrick make an appearance (yes, I know should add his arms and legs). And don’t get me started on my wonky Nemo. I’m much better an creating my own creatures, but I thought I’d try making some fancy characters (i think Patrick came out ok).

It’s an easy, cheap and reusable activity for any party, event or just plain old play time. I made it with about $5 in felt, attached it to my Ikea easel ($15) and used some plastic clamps I bought at the Dollar Tree. If you don’t have an easel, just fold over the top about 2 inches and glue, leaving space to insert a wooden dowel, add some string to the end and you can hang it anywhere. Want to make it even easier? Measure it to fit a hanger and then you can just attach it to an old hanger and use anywhere (it does make it considerably smaller, but it works).  This particular one is also made for a dowel in case I want to hang it on the back of a door later.


Bean Bag Toss & Stackers

I wanted to find something to do with the plastic containers for all of Little Man’s Puffs and the Formula canisters… I’ve been saving them all for months now and I finally perfect use! With a little cleaning and decorating, they make the perfect bean bag toss game (not that I expect the kids to do much but throw things around). The plastic puff containers look like bowling pins, and the formula canisters are perfect for stacking (and destruction). Throw in a few bean bags and we have ourselves a fun activity, filled with fine and gross motor skill development… and no sharp edges!

(pictures coming soon)

Ball Pit – BAZINGA! 

Little Man loves balls, he’s practically obsessed with them. So when I converted his water table to a ball play area in his room, I knew I had to do something similar for his party. Thank you Pinterest and all the other moms out there who have already done this for the inspiration!

To make: Kiddie Pool (we got a finding Nemo one on clearance at Big Lots at the end of summer, so perfect for the theme!)  + Ball pit balls, plus some beach balls = hours of enjoyment (and chasing the stray balls they throw overboard all afternoon long)

(pictures coming soon)


I couldn’t believe that the first time Little Man saw bubbles was at a birthday party in December! I knew he would love them, but I’d never bought him any… boy was I missing out! And then in January we went to another party where they had a bubble machine and wowza – Little Man was in heaven! So of course his party will feature said bubble machine (borrowed of course). And if all goes to plan… some under sea creature will be made of paper mache to blow the bubbles out of its mouth (or maybe I’ll buy a pinata and convert it).

Stay posted on what happens with this one.

More to come!

  • Sailor Hat Station
  • “Life Saver” Necklace Craft
  • Cake Smash Competition





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