I was underwhelmed by the options for crib mobiles, so in my sleepless nights of pregnancy, I started my Midnight Monster projects. Again, I turned to Pinterest and Google for inspiration for friendly monsters, and found a few, then just started free styling and making my own.  Here are the little lovable monsters that created Luke’s Monster Mobile.

monsters monster mobile

How did I do it? Here’s a quick step by step tutorial.. These can also be found on my Pinterest Board.

monster mobile how to



Monster Pillows!

Since I’m intimidated by a sewing machine, I’m living in my comfort zone of hand stitching (and no, I’ve never taken a class in how to do it right, but it seems easy enough).  I’ve recently become obsessed with making felt monsters for Luke’s Room. I’ve made a ton of variations of these fun and friendly monsters and am finding ways to incorporate them into his room, without over doing it.

Here’s are 2 pillows I made for him:

The first I made and sewed onto a pillow cover (Ikea, on sale, $2) and inserted an old throw pillow to revive it.

monster pillow - cover

The second one I saw on Pinterest, so I eye-balled the shape to re-create it (with my own little twist). He’s made out of a fleece scrap I got at Joann’s Fabrics, the heart, eyes and teeth are felt, then I hand stitched it together and stuffed it with love. I’ve been using this pillow in Luke’s monthly photos (to show how big he’s getting). He loves the shapes, colors and textures of it!

love monster pillow  DSC_0293


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